Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Sep 3 03:05:29 UTC 2011

On 09/02/2011 10:44 PM, NoOp wrote:
>> Please note that, as part of the overall migration to Apache, this
>> list will be closed.  Based on feedback received, including from
>> participants on this list, we've decided to create a users list at the
>> Apache project to serve as a continuation of
>> users at
>> You are invited to subscribe to the new list by sending an email to:
>> ooo-users-subscribe at
>> That Apache list is live now.  Although users at is not
>> going to disappear immediately, it will eventually be shut down.    So
>> you might want to finish the threads you are engaged in here, but try
>> to start new ones at ooo-users at  We're talking
>> weeks, not months, before the migration completes.
>> Thanks!
>> -Rob
> Now that might not have been too bad, but Rob didn't stick around to
> answer any questions afterwards&  only popped back up when he felt he
> was being disparaged:
> <>
> And in reponse to my questions IBM Rob Weir responded:
> and my response:

Seems like Rob's response was appropriate, overall, if a little direct.

At the risk of doing the same, this is just shit disturbing and now 
trying to spread it around where it's OT, all over a change of mailing 
list server.

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