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Sat Sep 3 02:44:20 UTC 2011

As most Ubuntu users know, was the default office
suite in all installs up to Natty 11.04. In 11.04 OOo was replaced by

Turns out (IMO) that the decision was the right choice. Sun was sold to
Oracle, Oracle abandoned OOo and dropped it onto Apache, Apache accepted
it as an incubator project primarily driven by IBM (you all can google
this), and today Rob Weir (IBM) dropped this turd on the OOo users list:

> Please note that, as part of the overall migration to Apache, this
> list will be closed.  Based on feedback received, including from
> participants on this list, we've decided to create a users list at the
> Apache project to serve as a continuation of
> users at
> You are invited to subscribe to the new list by sending an email to:
> ooo-users-subscribe at
> That Apache list is live now.  Although users at is not
> going to disappear immediately, it will eventually be shut down.    So
> you might want to finish the threads you are engaged in here, but try
> to start new ones at ooo-users at  We're talking
> weeks, not months, before the migration completes.
> Thanks!
> -Rob

Now that might not have been too bad, but Rob didn't stick around to
answer any questions afterwards & only popped back up when he felt he
was being disparaged:


And in reponse to my questions IBM Rob Weir responded:
and my response:

It's a shame as I have used OOo since StarOffice and have been a very
strong advocate of OOo for many years. I'll start purging my OOo
installs next week on all of my, and my customer systems (with the
exception of my own testing installs), & bid goodbye to OOo.

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