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Dear John

2011/7/21 Avi Greenbury <lists at>

> John Atkinson wrote:
> I have just installed Ubuntu, but can't get a wireless connection; I
> understand that I use the driver from Netgear, but need another prog. to
> make it run under Ubuntu. Can anyone please direct me to this prog. and how
> to set it
> up?

Is it your buit-in wlan card or an external one. If it's in built then --

1. Connect to internet through an wired connection and then go to Synaptic
Package Manager on the System and then Administration menu.

2. Just find the packages *firmware-b43-installer* and *b43-fwcutter* and
install them with all the dependencies.

3. After installation restart you machine and I hope you may access your
current wireless network using your wireless lan card

With regards

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