Setting up a wireless connection

Avi Greenbury lists at
Thu Jul 21 12:28:11 UTC 2011

John Atkinson wrote:
> I have just installed Ubuntu, but can't get a wireless connection; I
> understand
> that I use the driver from Netgear, but need another prog. to make it
> run under
> Ubuntu. Can anyone please direct me to this prog. and how to set it
> up?

Do you know what this program is? Is it ndiswrapper? If not, what's the
program you've got from Netgear and from where do you understand you
need to feed it into soemthing else?

More pertinently, perhaps, how certain are you that you need to do it
that way? What's the hardware you've got? There might be a more
straightforward way of doing it.


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