Setting up a wireless connection

Clint Tinsley clintin at
Thu Jul 21 14:20:15 UTC 2011

Is it your buit-in wlan card or an external one. If it's in built then --

 1. Connect to internet through an wired connection and then go to Synaptic Package Manager on the System and then Administration menu.

 2. Just find the packages  *firmware-b43-installer* and  *b43-fwcutter* and install them with all the dependencies.

 3. After installation restart you machine and I hope you may access your current wireless network using your wireless lan card
 I have tried this with Natty 11.04 and have not been able to get my older Broadcom 4306 adapter to work (HP/Compaq NX6110) to work. And I have tried to get it working with various flavors of 11.04 (LinuxMint, Artistx). Tried the Debian install approach, nota. Actually broke Artistx Networking (no connection, wireless or wired) trying to fix this. Worked fine with older versions of Ubuntu and LinuxMint.

 I can plug in modern USB N adapters, connects immediately, no problems. So that is my work-around for the moment.

 Any thoughts on this.

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