A "green" distro of Ubuntu?

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Sun Jul 3 22:35:07 UTC 2011

On Sat, July 2, 2011 20:52, Richard Owlett wrote:
> Jordon Bedwell wrote:
>> On 07/02/2011 10:51 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
>>> No indication that it's Debian based or compatible.
>>> 50 MB is not really small.
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Debian-based_distributions
>> It's based on Debian.
> Not sure what page I looked at as to derivation ;<
> 50 MB still not "small" :/

May I ask why you want such a small operating system?
I can only think of 3 reasons:
* download size & dialup connection -> others have already given you sites
where you can order disks
* special hardware like embedded devices -> then you're better off with a
specialized distro (take a look at Gentoo, these guys roll their own
kernels). A general purpose distro like Debian or Ubuntu can't help you
there. DSL with 50MB is about as small as you can get while still having a
GUI desktop with a browser. AFAIK Win3.1 didn't have internet, you had to
install some kind of network driver (Winsocket???) and then you still had
to install browser software.
* You're a bit obstinate. -> well ok too bad. :) If you want to say that
Win3.1 is better than DSL because it was only half the size: be my guest.

That being said, I know someone who worked on "smart" remote controls and
had to cram an entire Linux in less than 1MB. It's possible, but you don't
get a GUI. The same can be said about router firmware. What is it usually?
8MB? They pack an entire Linux distro, but no GUI.

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