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On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 5:16 PM, W. Scott Lockwood III
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> Far more importantly (imnsho), get your basic information straight, not just
> history. CentOS is NOT a hobby distro. It's RHEL minus Red $hat's IP and
> icons. I'm honestly not sure if you're just a troll or not...

CentOS is not created by some major company or organisation. They are
people recompiling Red Hat EL code, on their free time.

About Scientific Linux (SL):

At first about its name. It is called Scientific because it is
produced and used by CERN and Fermi, which are scientific
organisations, and NOT because SL is only for scientists.

About the reliability of SL and the speed of published updates.

Red Hat thoroughly tests its Red Hat EL releases, and the updates it provides.

CERN and Fermi, have a group of people who are paid (it is their job)
to thoroughly re-test the Red Hat EL code, and its updates, in the
form of SL. So, they test its reliability again, on their own. And
since SL is used in CERN and Fermi, they provide the SL releases and
its updates as soon as possible.

These do not occur in the case of CentOS. Yes, CentOS is probably the
most used Red Hat EL-derived distro, but I consider Scientific Linux
as the best one.

Have a look at both, and decide for yourself. :-)

Since Red Hat EL, CentOS, and SL are off topic here, if you want more
discussion on them, feel free to email me off the list.


Ioannis Vranos

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