tool to list details of MP4 files

Chris Jones jonesc at
Sun Aug 7 13:27:53 UTC 2011


> On my 10.10, there's a package called mpeg4ip-utils, containing:
> - mp4info - display information about tracks in mp4 file
> - mp4dump - dumps contents from mp4 files
> - mp4trackdump - dumps track information
> - mp4tags - sets iTunes tag information
> - mp4art - extract iTunes cover art
> - mp4videoinfo - dump information about video tracks in mp4 files
> Maybe that helps.

Yes, that is useful. Ive found the Handbrake CLI tool (I used Handbrake to originally create the MP4's) does what I want, but this package is also useful. I didn't find it since I was searching for mp4, not mpeg4 ;)

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