Checking hard disk with fsck

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Fri Oct 29 00:57:48 UTC 2010

On 29/10/2010 00:15, Li Li wrote:


> On my most valuable desktop I actually have an 8 GiB partition with
> Knoppix which I start from the DVD with the fromhd=/dev/sdx cheatcode.

>    I'm old enough to remember when Knoppix was the *only*
> liveCD; I still think it's the best general purpose one because of its
> superior hardware detection.

I was helping a friend with a problem on one of his Linux installations, 
one of which was Knoppix where he said that something was not working - 
it didn't recognise an USB device. Considering that the same device, 
which I use, has always been recognised by all other Linux distros I 
thought that I would download and install Knoppix to see for myself. I 
installed Knoppix 6.2.

Knoppix did NOT recognise my printers, my scanner nor my external USB 
HD. It didn't even know the "lshw" command - "no such command found". 
And even though it would connect to the Knoppix home page with its 
built-in browser it "told" me that it couldn't upgrade the system 
because I didn't have an internet connection.

The most brain-dead distro I have come across.


"Ning Yu displayed his wisdom while the country followed System, but when it did not, he acted stupid. His wisdom is achievable by others, his stupidity is not."

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