The casper-files and their vulnerability?

Are Venes arevenes at
Tue Oct 19 13:41:52 UTC 2010


I am making a bootable live-system out of my Ubuntu 10.04.
The thing i am wondering about is the socalled casper-files.

I have done some changes to /etc/fstab and /etc/network/interfaces after
making the bootable system(on the running system).

The question is, will my changes be reverted if someone inserted "blank" 
into my system? Really thankful if anyone can explain how this is done. 
What exactly does
these casper-files contain, (details probably not needed, just 
explanation to help me understand)

Got some help earlier with making some of the casper-bottom scripts not 
run at boot time.
How are the casper-files merged with the rest? Is it only scripts, or is 
it more to it than that?

The system will maybe be used in school-situations(by students), so 
security should be somewhat as good as it gets.

The worrying bit is: Someone steals the system, boots it from another 
linux, replaces the casper-files
and gains access to resources that he shouldn`t have during a "exam", is 
this possible?

Regards Are

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