No easy mounting of nfs shares (Maverick, solved)

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Wed Oct 6 15:45:08 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-10-06 at 17:39 +0200, Thierry de Coulon wrote:

> And my Laptop boots in just 19 seconds and takes 6 seconds to shutdown. That 
> incredibly fast afterweeks of trying to get KDE 4 to work (took good 45 
> seconds to start, at least).

You mind telling me which SSD you got? I bought an Intel SSD but I've
been neglecting to install it and bench it so I was just wondering which
SSD you bought and if you would be willing to run a bench and post the
results.  I might just hold onto it until next year when I can pick up
the new Intel SSD's coming out with twice the capacity and speed.

> So my Thinkpad Edge will use Maverick. Besides, there are *lots* of 
> interresting tweaks possible in gconf-editor, someone should really create a 
> well documented GUI tool for that (I'm afraid my programming skills don't go 
> far enough).

Sometimes I wish they would remove it, because it reminds me too much of
Windows, but at the same time, I wouldn't live without it because it
really does have a lot of nice tweaks.  My favorite happens to be moving
the Close, Maximise and Minimise to the left, I'm not a Mac user >.>

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