about new release which will be on 10th Oct

Cybe R. Wizard cyber_wizard at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 4 17:00:25 UTC 2010

On Mon, 04 Oct 2010 11:43:20 -0500
Jordon Bedwell <jordon at envygeeks.com> wrote:

> I'll be more than glad to try and help him if it messes up, because
> unlike you I'm a real Linux professional and I believe strongly in
> aiding those who need help, whether I feel he did it wrong or not.

Gonna help whether he, "did it wrong or not?"  If he didn't do it wrong
(sic), does he really need your help?

> It
> is not my job to tell him he is on his own, and it is not my job to
> judge him,

Hmmm...  see below:

> and as a knowledgeable Linux professional it is my moral
> duty to aid him and try to teach him the proper way, in a ethically
> fit and moral manner; unlike the immoral and unethical manner you are
> going about it right now. 

Now, that looks like you are judging ethical and moral fitness, right

I think you are either confused or just don't realize our own faults.

I don't think I care much for your, "knowledgeable Linux
professionalism," nor for your judgment of your own judgment (or lack

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