TalkTalk + Huawei HG521 + Ubuntu 10.04.01 i386 + misery, ANY IDEAS?

r technical500 at
Sun Oct 3 03:15:51 UTC 2010

On 02-Oct-10 00:53:42 Alan Pope wrote:
>On 2 October 2010 00:35, r <technical500 at> wrote:
>> progress report on this problem, in case you think its resolved.
>> The neighbourhood wireless networks are being detected, and my wireless

>That's great news, it means the hardware almost certainly works fine -
>but then you knew that because it works in Windows.

but it could depend which USB socket is used,

some hardware only functions from some sockets, 

same problem with my laptop, some hardware only functions if

things are connected to the correct USB sockets.

I will verify if the current socket I am trying functions from Windows,

but the fact the neighbourhood modems are showing up suggests its ok.

>> modem is showing up, but I CANNOT use the internet.

>From your first mails it seemed like you were choosing to 'create' a
>new connection. I would avise you right click network manager, edit
>connections and go to the wireless tab. Delete any connections listed
>there, including any you created. Once done, close the dialog, and
>don't do any manual configuration at all. Simply click network manager
>icon and select your access point from the list. It should ask you one
>thing only, the key. This will usually be the WPA-PSK you got or set
>up on the access point. Tap that in and press enter.

not sure what is "network manager" but from the sonar icon at the

left of the top right I deleted everything. Then I selected the network

and gave the password, but I still cannot use the internet.

>Under normal circumstances that's it, there's no manual configuration
>to do, no MTC, no MAC, no BSSID, nothing. Just click, tap in password,
>job done. It's possible that the manual config you did earlier is
>being remembered by network manager and it's using that configuration.
>This is why I suggest you bin that and start again.

with this approach I give just the password, but it still doesnt function.

the sonar icon has the waves going back and forth,

and every now and then a requester appears:

Wireless Network Authentication Required

and I give the same password again, and I continue to be unable to

use the internet again.

actually right now there is a red exclamation mark on the sonar.

>Let us know how you get on.

>Thanks for your patience.


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