Advise on motherboard purchase

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Fri Oct 1 15:51:06 UTC 2010


I am about to assemble a new PC as my really old ones are dying. I don't 
like to buy a new machine every two years that is why I am looking for 
some "future proof" components.

The PC should work with ubuntu without any additional configuration.
One of the components which I could not decide yet is the mainboard.
At the moment this mainboard is my favorite choice:

I am going to explain my thoughts and needs:
-) I want to use *ECC memory* which reduced my choice to AMD-CPUs and 
ASUS motherboards (Intel only supports ECC in it's Xenon-CPUs)

-) I want an *IGP* as I don't have a need for a dedicated video card. 
GIMP, Inkscape and some video-editing are the most demanding 
applications I am currently using. The don't use GPU-acceleration, yet.
The IGP of this motherboard is an Radeaon HD 4290 GPU. This should be 
fine for using Compiz and watching movies. At them moment I have the 
impression that AMD/ATI is contributing more to the development of open 
source drivers, which I intend to use. And that the Radeon HD 4290 is 
the best IGP available. I don't use the PC to play games.

-) USB3.0 and SataIII are nice features of this motherboard, too.

Of special interest would be any feedback related to ACPI. I intend to 
use ubuntu 10.04LTS as I need a stable system. If some components need 
ubuntu 10.10 I could use this version as well.

Thanks for your help!

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