TalkTalk + Huawei HG521 + Ubuntu 10.04.01 i386 + misery, ANY IDEAS?

r technical500 at
Fri Oct 1 15:48:06 UTC 2010

On 01-Oct-10 16:10:29 Alan Pope wrote:
>On 1 October 2010 16:12, r <technical500 at> wrote:
>> at the top right, the leftmost icon is concentric circles like a "sonar"
>> image with a red exclamation mark.

>That's the puppy!

>> when I click that I see:
>> (Wired Network)
>>  (disconnected)
>> (Wireless Networks)
>>  (disconnected)
>> VPN Connections » Configure VPN...
>>                  (Disconnect VPN...)

>That's basically bad. It means that we didn't detect your USB wireless
>dongle (assuming it's plugged in).

>The rest of your mail describes the process for setting up a network,
>but without the hardware being detected it's ultimately futile.

>Can you plug the USB stick in and then issue the following commands:-


>(lima sierra uniform sierra bravo)

>You should get a list of USB devices, from which we can get the device
>ID (sequence of characters separated by colons) and can figure out if
>it can be made to work.

some sockets seem to not function, I found one which did, luckily I have

2 machines and can copy from the Ubuntu screen on the one to the email on the


Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0df6:003f Sitecom Europe B.V.

>One thing you might like to try if you have an ethernet cable handy is
>plug the pc into the access point. I appreciate that the reason for
>using wifi is probably because your desktop is some physical distance
>from the access point, but this may help. Once connected via a wire,
>go to System -> administration -> hardware drivers, and see if it
>prompts you to install drivers for the wireless card. Also run System
>-> administration -> update manager, and install any/all system
>updates, which may also help.

as its a lot of effort I'll supply the above info first.

some weeks ago with Ubuntu 8.? I did move the machine to the modem

and with the Ethernet cable everything functioned immediately without problem.

unfortunately I then reinstalled Windows and Ubuntu wasnt on the boot screen.

reinstalling Ubuntu just led to the Windows boot screen. Eventually I

this very recent Ubuntu and got all the boot options. But have lost the 

stuff I installed with the ethernet cable. I think it will function

immediately with the cable, but if you can resolve the problem without

having to do this that would be preferable.

let me know when its necessary to connect with the cable.


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