Disk defragmenting (was "Re: No Sound :(")

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 18 08:49:42 UTC 2010

On 17/11/2010 01:56, Douglas Pollard wrote:
> On 11/15/2010 11:14 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> On 16/11/2010 10:18, Douglas Pollard wrote:
>> [pruned]
>>> That is very intersting and I had certainly not thought about it in that
>>> light.  I am using FAT with the idea that both ubuntu and XP could work
>>> in it. Maybe there is another file type that both can work with?
>> This has already been answered - use NTFS and when you are installing
>> Ubuntu it detects your XP installation and the NTFS file format and
>> automatically installs the NTFS-3g for it.
>>>      The
>>> speed  does not matter to me a whole lot but there is an advantge For
>>> Premier if the drive is faster.   Of course even in need of
>>> defragmenting the drive is likely much faster than the usb cable It's
>>> running off of, I would guess.
>> If you want a decent, no nonsense, no BS, defragmenter for use with
>> Windows then its O&   O Defrag Professional - you'll find it here
>> http://www.oo-software.com/home/en/products/oodefrag/ .
>> As you can see its not a freebie - but worth every cent. It has 8
>> 'defragging' methods.
>> If you do get it, then make sure that you activate the option to check
>> the Windows partition for errors (ie, do chkdsk) and to not defrag the
>> partition if there is an error. Do NOT use the chkdsk option in XP
>> 'Computer' part in START; if you want to use XP itself then use either
>> the Command Line and type in the usual 'chkdsk /f X:' or use the Admin
>> section in the (?)Control Panel (haven't used XP for so long that I have
>> forgotten the names of the bits I am talking about :-) ). However, O&O
>> Defrag won't let a bad partition to be 'defragged'.
>> BC
> Some things I do to protect the video when using xp is that I try to
> import all video clips from Ubuntu befor I start to work on that video.
> I do not connect xp to the internet and I do not import anything once I
> start to work in video except an ocansional video file that I may find I
> need.  I don't defrag I don't run any programs except Premier and
> Photoshop. I have a virus program in xp and I have one in Ubuntu. Video
> files that I might download off the internet are checked twice.  I worry
> about corruption in Xp that I might pass onto the fellow doing the final
> editing.

If you are worried about having to be connected to the internet for 
something like O&O Defrag to work, or even some antivirus application, 
then don't worrry. While O&O complains that it does not internet access 
to check for new versions just simply ignore the "complaint" because O&O 
does not go to the internet to check.

And you can use an antivirus program in XP without being connected to 
the internet.

On one of set of HDs using XP I don't have XP accessing the internet.

A friend of mine has a computer with XP (possibly #7 on it by now) which 
is not connected to the internet so that his kids don't the system 
infected with crap.

>    When I send him a file my antivirus checks the file I will be
> sending and he checks it coming into him. Premier is so easily corrupted
> and you can easily ruin several weeks work.  He does interactive dvd's
> for college recruting where there are 2 and sometimes 3 dvd's usually in
> hight definition full.
I am kinda lost in all of this......

If you are using Ubuntu to get the original files - but where from?! - 
and then transfer them to XP for Premier work then why go thru all this 
elaborate virus checking at YOUR end and then at the OTHER end?

I just don't understand...but if you it think it makes you happy and 
secure then who am I express an opinion :-) .


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