Verizon cellular access & Ubuntu

Andy Graybeal andy.graybeal at
Sat Nov 6 16:39:46 UTC 2010

> I've used both the Novatel U727 USB modem and the MiFi (also a Novatel
> device, I believe) on the Verizon network on Ubuntu, Mac, other Linux
> distros and (shudder) Windows.
> While I've not used the USB modem under a recent install of Ubuntu, my
> experience back when I had an 8.x version installed was that this was
> pretty much a plug in and go affair. It showed up in Network Manager
> as a mobile wireless device and I just clicked on it to activate.
> The MiFi is even easier, since it presents a standard 802.11 wireless
> hot spot with up to 5 devices allowed to connect to it.
> Just beware that Verizon and most other carriers now "cap" your
> service at 5 GB of bandwidth used (includes both up and down). Once
> you go over that, they start charging extra. I've never gone over, but
> I make sure to avoid downloading large files, sticking to just
> checking e-mail and lighter browsing.

I'm feeling good about this then.  The 5GB warning is good to keep in 
mind.  Maybe I'll get MRTG/Nagios going or something to monitor the used 

I think I would feel more comfortable with something like the Novatel 
U727 USB modem than the MiFi. ...  FUD on my part though.


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