Ditch evolution already, please!

Bazooka Joe fastfish at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 18:44:54 UTC 2010

Evo has lots of potental and be tied into gnome so tightly it stands
to be a great tool.  But Evo's IMAP implementation and ubuntu bugs
make Evo almost useless.

bug: 2 gig max local file size makes pop useless for any power user -
this bug is several yrs old.

Evo IMAP from what I understand uses virtual folders.  Spam still
shows in my IMAP inbox even though Evo shows it moved to junk.  And
the Junk folder is a local virtual folder and doesn't let me move it
to IMAP. Same with deleting email and moving. So on my iphone I still
see all junk and deleted/moved email. Evo developers seem unwilling to
give you the option to change this behavior.

other annoyances: Automatic Contacts: auto adding email addrs that you
send to doesn't work.

So much potential but I have to switch to Thunderbird to stay productive.

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