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Karl Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 11:13:23 UTC 2010

On 06/20/2010 09:16 AM, spam.me at gmx.info wrote:
> Hello!
> I use Ubuntu since 8.x and use Emacs always with the same ".emacs" and just the packages from the corresponding repository.
> With Lucid, I got a problem. Usually when I create a new file "new.c, new.h" then a header with author, date etc. and include "new.h", resp., #ifndef etc. is created. But now, nothing is happed. New files are empty. Thats bad also in case of Makefiles.
> So I add (auto-insert-mode t) in my .emacs file and now I will be ask to input something or not, but no header will be set.
> How can I come back to the previous level?
> Thanks for any help.
         Hi. Did you update your 8.x to Lucid or did you load lucid from 
a cd?

     It sounds like you might be using your old .emacs on Lucid. You 
need to load emacs from the repository and it will make a new .emacs for 
the new software :-)

     It sounds like you need to change your setup a bit based on the new 
emacs ;-)

73 Karl


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