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spam.me at gmx.info spam.me at gmx.info
Mon Jun 21 10:43:06 UTC 2010

> > I use Ubuntu since 8.x and use Emacs always with the same ".emacs" and
> > just the packages from the corresponding repository.
> > 
> > With Lucid, I got a problem. Usually when I create a new file "new.c,
> > new.h" then a header with author, date etc. and include "new.h",
> > resp., #ifndef etc. is created. But now, nothing is happed. New files
> > are empty. Thats bad also in case of Makefiles.
> I can't answer your specific question, but it sounds like you are
> running into some incompatibile change that was introduced in Emacs 23.
> Check the News file (you should be able to view it from the Help
> menu)--it might give some clues.
> mike

Dear Mike,

Unfortunately, the news file didn't helped me.

I was found that one can use header.el to specify header entries, but didn't 
found something easy to specify the templates. However, the current as in the 
past Ubuntu distributions that file isn't included ... So I assumed there is a 
unknown option B to realized the features.


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