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Yea i understand it. I have installed ubuntu many times to computers and i know i burned the cd right, because i installed it on my desktop today but for some reason it wont install to my laptop it just stops or freezes. Ive never used ubuntu but i have installed it.

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> On 05/31/2010 04:57 PM, Marvin Escobar wrote:
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> > Hello im new to ubuntu and i tried to install ubuntu to my laptop but
> > it would not let me. Once it reads the disc it says loading and then
> > a bunch of lines come down and it stops there and does not do
> > anything. I tried also installing mandriva but on the loading screen
> > when i select boot the screen stays loading and never stops, the only
> > option it has is pres esc for verbose mode. So its like none of the
> > linux distrubutions are working. Is there anyway you can please help
> > me. Im new and i am using windows 7 right now, so please try to be as
> > detailed as possible thanks  
> Please review:
> If you're still having issues, please post back. Note: there is a lot of
> information in those links that I've provided, so don't hesitate to ask
> if they are too confusing.
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