Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Jun 1 05:08:10 UTC 2010

Marvin Escobar wrote:
> Hello im new to ubuntu and i tried to install ubuntu to my laptop but
> it would not let me. Once it reads the disc it says loading and then
> a bunch of lines come down and it stops there and does not do
> anything.

I'm not sure how far you get and not even how you try to install. There 
are several disks (desktop / alternate / mini CD), but I assume you try 
the desktop LiveCD. Further I assume you get the boot screen where you 
select the language. After selecting the language but before you hit 
enter at the option "Try Ubuntu without installing", you could add some 
kernel options [1]. Hit the F6 key and enable "acpi=off" and "noapic". 
Then start Ubuntu and if you still only get many messages and it doesn't 
get to the graphical screen, tell us what the last messages are on the 
screen. If you are too lazy writing down all of it, you could take a 
photo and upload it to something like <> and then 
post a link to it here.


[1] <>

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