creating extended partition/ deleting partition on windows 7 netbook

Stephen Michael Kuhn yank.down.under at
Sat Jul 31 03:32:34 UTC 2010

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 01:18:28 pm Keith Jesse wrote:
> I cant work out how to create an extended partition/logical partition in
> Windows 7 (Medion Netbook)   - such that I can install Ubuntu alongside
> Windows (which takes up all 4 partitions). I have searched extensively on
> the net - but cant find a simple method for the not too literate to either:
> create the extended partition and upload Ubuntu - or delete such Windows
> partitions that are not necessary and then allow Ubuntu to automatically
> upload?
> Any help appreciated.

Medion. Got from Aldi?

Microsoft Windows7 will use two partitions generally - one for boot and one 
for the OS itself (or OS loader as they like to call it). The other two, I'm 
lost on - however, I'll bet they're for recovery - since, of course, you 
didn't get a real DVD with the machine. Determine which partition is actually 
the Windows7 partition. You should be able to resize that one enough to create 
an extended partition for your Ubuntu installation. Check one of the other two 
partitions to find out exactly what is living on them - so that you might be 
able to resize one or both of them - or even find out if they're necessary at 
all - space is space, and wasted space is, well, wasted space. You should be 
able to acheive literally all of this via the liveCD and gparted 

A Medion passed through here last month with the same basic layout - upon 
invenstigation, I burnt some drivers from one of the partitions to a CD, then 
blew out two of the partitions, created a partition for swap, and one for 
Ubuntu proper. All has been well since (sorry, forgot to mention that I 
resized the primary Windows7 partition to give Ubuntu 100gb as well).


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