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On 24/07/10 00:44, J wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 06:01, Basil Chupin<blchupin at>  wrote:
>>> Point me to a non-Gmail/Yahoo/etc mail service that allows me to:
>>> A: aggregate, organize and archive e-mail from 50 - 100 different mailing lists
>>> B: Provides a not perfect but usable interface that can be accessed
>>> from any machine any where
>>> C: Doesn't cost me anything to use
>>> D: Provides labeling and decent filtering as well as very good spam
>>> catching (I average about 1 - 3 spams per month that don't get
>>> filtered, and ALL of those are spammers posting to a python list I'm
>>> on)
>>> E: Provides mobile applications allowing similar access via my
>>> Blackberry, iPod, or other mobile devices at any time
>>> F: Allows me to synchronize calendar appointments between multiple
>>> calendars and on mobile devices with various access controls and
>>> sharing features as well as send reminders via SMS and e-mail
>>> simultaneously
>>> G: Allows me to also use these meshed services to share documents
>>> between myself, co-workers, etc
>>> H: Does all this without me having to do much configuration at all on
>>> my own saving me more time that I could spend getting things
>>> accomplished
>>> and I'll gladly try it out and get away from GMail.
>> Ummm, I don't know where you are because your gmail address tells no one anything - which is why most people use, I guess, because it hides their
>> identity; but don't quote me as I have never used any qmail or yahoo or anything else goobly-dooky except my own ISPs' facilities for mail and
>> their maibox facilities. If your ISP doesn't give you the flexibility to have what you want then you should consider looking for another ISP, no?
> I have my own hosted server in Chicago (or Dallas now, I guess) for
> personal mail, plus a server for work using IMAP.
> For mailing lists though, I use GMail because I don't care to store
> the hundreds of thousands of old e-mails on my own storage, or storage
> I'm paying for.  Google gives me something like 8GB of mail storage
> for free, they host it,

I've read your response but won't respond to it para by para if you 
don't mind :-) .

I see that Billie has really stated which I would have stated anyway - 
TB has all the facilities to do everything you want to do.

But there is one comment I will make here which I will be repeating to 
Preston in a minute or so and that it seems that you are really living 
in a third-world country where you have no competition but are forced to 
only use 2 service provider systems.

But quite apart from this, you mention that you get 8GB for free for 
mail storage from Google. Big deal! I get 10GB and with 10 mail boxes 
from my ISP - and this is what most ISP provide here as well. For you to 
say that you get 8GB and also for free makes me kinda feel warm and 
fuzzy about what we here get as a matter of fact :-) . (And yet there 
are people in your part of the world who are fighting tooth and nail not 
to have the - I cannot remember what the heck it is called, the proposed 
legislation to have a level playing field re the internet in your 
country so that the providers treat everybody the same.....what's it 
called? :-) )


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