file permissions

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Jul 14 04:59:35 UTC 2010

Gryllida wrote:
> The issue is that the new files that I create do not have the other
> Windows users of that machine on permissions list.
> As far as I got, these lines do not do anything about users different
> from me.

I think you got it right. If you change file permissions to 777, 
everybody may read / write / execute those files IF it is a Unix (Linux) 
environment. But what everybody seems to be missing is that you are 
talking about Windows permissions on a Windows share which has nothing 
to do with Unix permissions. Therefore the suggested chmod command isn't 
very useful in your case.

> Probably I don't understand something, if so please explain
>  - and how do I allow the other Windows users to edit the files I
> create on that shared location?

Sorry, I can't help you there - I don't use Windows shares. Isn't there 
someone who knows how Windows permissions work with CIFS / SAMBA (not 
sure which one is used here)?


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