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On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 06:59 +0200, Nils Kassube wrote:

> Gryllida wrote:

> > The issue is that the new files that I create do not have the other
> > Windows users of that machine on permissions list.
> > As far as I got, these lines do not do anything about users 
> > different from me.

> I think you got it right. If you change file permissions to 777, 
> everybody may read / write / execute those files IF it is a Unix
> (Linux) environment. But what everybody seems to be missing is that
> you are talking about Windows permissions on a Windows share which has
> nothing to do with Unix permissions. Therefore the suggested chmod
> command isn't very useful in your case.
> > Probably I don't understand something, if so please explain - and 
> > how do I allow the other Windows users to edit the files I create on
> > that shared location?
> Sorry, I can't help you there - I don't use Windows shares. Isn't
> there someone who knows how Windows permissions work with CIFS / SAMBA
> (not sure which one is used here)? 

SAMBA allows you to interact with Windows file and print services.
Consequently, you shouldn't have to change "Windows" file permissions
using chmod. Indeed, permission are controlled through SAMBA.

I've set-up my daughter's laptop (which runs Vista) to emulate your
scenario. I created a new file from my Ubuntu 10.04 netbook and then
successfully deleted it from the other machine. I conclude that your
SAMBA set-up needs checking/ tweaking.

It would be helpful if you explain how you connect to the remote
computer. Do you browse using Nautilus or mount the networked folder on
your local file system? How did you authenticate to the remote folder,
i.e. workgroup, id etc?

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