Setting up Samba on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Jul 12 22:58:26 UTC 2010

On 07/12/2010 09:18 AM, Tom Rue wrote:
> Greetings for the day.
> This is my first post here. On the first attempt at sending it, the mail
> system informed me it was being held for moderator approval because it was
> too long. I cancelled that post and have placed all of the Samba output and
> contents of smb.conf (two files) on my site at
> Possibly the best thing would be to simply get one of them right and then
> put both smb.conf (or nearly identical) files on both machines.
> I am hoping someone here will be willing to assist me by tell me what I am
> doing wrong, and how to fix, with setting up Samba on the LAN configuration
> described below.
> I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx, 4/2010) on two machines. One
> machine (Persephone) is a desktop in my basement. The other is a portable
> laptop ("Aphrodite").
> From the "Places" menu when I click on "Network" I see "Windows Network".
> (My expectation is this should say "tomrue", the name of my workgroup. No?
> When I click on "Windows Network", it tells me, "Opening Windows Network.
> You can stop this operation by clicking cancel."
> After several seconds, the error changes to, "Unable to mount location /
> Failed to retrieve share list from server."

See if you can connect via the IP address of the machine. It you can
connect to the other machine via the IP address, then it's a hosts
resolve issue. So, from Nautilus (location box):

Samba shares pretty much just work in an all Ubuntu network with 10.04.
Were I you, I'd take the lazy way out & backup your smb.conf files,
purge samba, let 10.04 configure for you by right clicking a folder in
Nautilus, selecting Properties, enable the share. Ubuntu will then
reinstall samba in the process. Do the same on the other machine. Note:
you may have to logout/login to restablish, but I generally get things
working by:

$ sudo smbd restart

I realize that's a lazy way to do it. If you really want to slog through
the smb.conf files/troubleshooting etc., post back & I'll try to assist.

... snipped> start with getting the two machines talking together & then
ask about the server etc.

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