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I know Liam, thanks for your thorough reply.

It is exactly my point. To get a 2007 middle-high end workstation. jajaja I
am so glad I didn't say what I was using know. :-)

Listen, I used to live in the US, also Barcelona, where I earned in the same
Units of the computer prices. Now I live in Buenos Aires, I earned in Xs/4
so I really can't afford + I don't need so much hardware.

Ok here is what I am using now, so you can see that 2007 looks like a giant
leap for me. ;-)

my current WS is a PIV 3.0MHZ w/Hyperthreading 2gb of ram and two sata1
drives in fake raid 0. it works prety good and raid is working for 3rd year
in a row and no trouble so far (knock on wood).

for 590 bucks they offered me that core 2 quad.
I think 775 was a nice chipset and it is prety cheap this days.

I think that with a little help I might be able to buy the parts separately
and assemble it my self. Therfore be able to buy more or better hardware.


On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:

> On 8 July 2010 16:19, Francisco Diaz Trepat - gmail
> <francisco.diaztrepat at> wrote:
> > I hope you don't mind me asking this here:
> >
> > Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of researching some hardware for my
> > next ubuntu workstation.
> > My goal is to spend between 500 and 600 uds
> What are "uds"? Do you mean US$?
> > and I want to put some enfasis
> > on what I think is the current bottle neck of speed this days, and that
> is
> > Hard Drives.
> > I would like to have a RAID array to have better performance.
> You mean RAID0? Waste of money. Doesn't really help much and doubles
> the risk of failure. If you want disk performance, get an SSD boot
> drive. Disable swap. Keep /home on rotating media. 1TB drives are
> quite cheap now. Consider a motherboard with SATA 6gig.
> > I am thinking in getting Intel 2 Core Quad 8300 processor.
> The Core2 line is past it now.  Core i7 is the modern performance range.
> > other choices too. Because Ubuntu is more focus on software/fake RAID I
> > would like a multicore processor, and 64bit arch sounds good too.
> All modern CPUs are 64-bit. RAID is for redundancy in servers, not
> performance.
> > So right now my options looks something like this:
> > Processor   Intel Core 2 Quad 8300
> > RAM         1 X 2gb DDR2 800mhz
> 2 sticks for dual-channel operation on low-end processors, 3 sticks
> for triple-channel on Core i7. 2GB is small these days; 4GB is a
> working minimum, 6GB for Core i7.
> You seem to be trying to specify a medium-to-high end machine from
> 2006-2007. Hint: it's 2010 now.
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