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:¬) Glad to provide some amusement.

> I know Liam, thanks for your thorough reply.
> It is exactly my point. To get a 2007 middle-high end workstation. jajaja I
> am so glad I didn't say what I was using know. :-)
> Listen, I used to live in the US, also Barcelona, where I earned in the same
> Units of the computer prices. Now I live in Buenos Aires, I earned in Xs/4
> so I really can't afford + I don't need so much hardware.

So you're shopping in Pesos? 1 Ar$ ~= 25¢ in US$ as far as I know.
US$600 = UK£400, roughly, so in my currency, the budget is around

The current issue of UK magazine Custom PC (for which I used to write
the /Inside Linux/ column) has a feature on building a "futureproof"
upgradable PC for £400. Now, they are focusing on games, not
CPU-intensive stuff, but still, the components are radically different
from what you are looking at.

More details here:

There are several specs there you could reach for around this money.
Of course you don't really need to buy a new case - you could reuse
any old ATX one, possibly including optical drive or even floppy, and
you don't need Windows, being a Linux user.

I would advise looking at a /modern/ machine if you're going to build
it yourself. Far more room for upgrades then.

If you want a sealed box, ready-made, then good specs are available
here in the UK for that money. I don't know about Argentina but I
would guess some similar end-of-line/bankrupt-stock vendors might well
exist there too.

This is a good spec for the money, for example:

Or for a bit more this:

Here is another example from a different company:

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