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Thu Jul 8 20:04:45 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 13:13, Preston Hagar <prestonh at> wrote:

> No, AMD and Intel's use the same instruction set, and are completely
> compatible.
> Basically, as a little background info, Intel created the instruction
> set for the "x86" 32-bit processors and licensed it to AMD to use for
> their processors.  AMD created the instruction set for 64-bit
> processors "AMD64" and licensed it to Intel for their 64-bit
> processors.  That is why when you download Ubuntu ISOs, you will see
> i686 (Intel 32-bit instruction set) and AMD64 (AMD 64-bit instruction
> set) "versions"  For 64 bit Intel processors, you would still use the
> AMD64 download, because they use the AMD64 instructions set.

One reason why I still hate the use of AMD64 in naming conventions...
I prefer x86_64 as a more generic term...

AMD leases x86 code from Intel, and Intel leases the 64bit code from
AMD, but intel's EM46T and AMD64 were not quite the same thing...there
was a time in history when you'd have to compile a binary for each
one.  Some things would run fine on both chips, but some things relied
on instructions that one processor had but the other didn't.  This was
eventually worked around via compiler changes so it's no longer an
issue, but AFAIK the instruction sets between Intel and AMD chips are
still similar but not the same.

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