Firefox 3.6.6 Update problem

pete peter.smout at
Thu Jul 8 13:16:39 UTC 2010

On 08/07/10 13:20, Karl Larsen wrote:
>       I don't have the Thunderbird to Firefox problem. My problem is this:
> I had the old Firefox 3.0 fixed with updates I was offered when I tried
> to view a Utube movie and it did not work. Over a few weeks I had it
> viewing all Utube and other movies.
> One day I got Firefox 3.6.6 by Updates and it seemed to be fine. But it
> is not fine. For some reason the Update did not give 3.6.6 any of the
> drivers allowing me to display movies. Further, when I try to display a
> Utube movie it does not display the movie and it doesn't offer any
> updates to fix the problem.
>        What happened to all those drivers?
> 73 Karl
Hi Karl,

Not an expert but when doing a fresh install of 64bit lucid for my 
friend the other day, we had to install flash from the software centre 
(not adobe but swf flash plugin I think)

you may want to try reinstalling or changing your flash plugin

good luck


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