best/easiest commandline email program for mass-email

Emil Payne EHSPayne at
Thu Jan 28 14:04:27 UTC 2010

Patton Echols wrote:
> Not quite sure what you are asking. Hal sent a script snippet that looks 
> like it would work to send the message "boiler_plate" to everyone in the 
> list "email_list" using "mysubject" as the subject line. You could add 
> other things as well. Is that the question?
> Mail will then send the message to sendmail which also needs to be 
> installed or configured. I don't know enough about sendmail to be useful 
> to you. But is that the question?
> If you are asking how the mail goes to your ISP, where the servers are, 
> how your reply to gets set and all of that, I believe is done in your 
> mail.rc file (or .mailrc)
> Or were you looking for a text based mail client like some of the 
> responders gave? Alpine was suggested, but I like Mutt (or I did when I 
> lived in a shell account)
> I think if you tell what you are interested in, some of these folks may 
> be able to help.

Some idea of what you are trying to do.

Send a newsletter, advertise specials, remind people of appointments, 
sell Viadra, monthly reminder message, account activity, ...

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