best/easiest commandline email program for mass-email

Patton Echols p.echols at
Thu Jan 28 10:03:34 UTC 2010

On 01/27/2010 01:10 PM, Alex Janssen wrote:
> Alex Janssen wrote:
>> I must send personalized email to our clients, about 2500.  So I figured 
>> on putting together each with a shell script and then sending the file 
>> with a commandline email program.  I was looking for suggestions on what 
>> might be the best package to install for this.  I have seen a suggestion 
>> for a program called "mail", but I can't figure out what package to 
>> install to get it.  I looked at the list presented by Synaptic, but 
>> there's a boat load of programs related to email.
>> If anyone has done this sort of thing, I'd sure appreciate your suggestions.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
>> -Ubuntu 9.10 on several computers since version 5.04
> Please, pardon me for replying to myself, but I found and installed 
> mailx.  Whats the best configuration for me to use?
> Alex
Not quite sure what you are asking. Hal sent a script snippet that looks 
like it would work to send the message "boiler_plate" to everyone in the 
list "email_list" using "mysubject" as the subject line. You could add 
other things as well. Is that the question?

Mail will then send the message to sendmail which also needs to be 
installed or configured. I don't know enough about sendmail to be useful 
to you. But is that the question?

If you are asking how the mail goes to your ISP, where the servers are, 
how your reply to gets set and all of that, I believe is done in your 
mail.rc file (or .mailrc)

Or were you looking for a text based mail client like some of the 
responders gave? Alpine was suggested, but I like Mutt (or I did when I 
lived in a shell account)

I think if you tell what you are interested in, some of these folks may 
be able to help.

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