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Wed Jan 27 22:00:55 UTC 2010

Gilles Gravier wrote:
> Hi!
> On 27/01/2010 22:21, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> Alex Janssen wrote:
>>> Alex Janssen wrote:
>>>> I must send personalized email to our clients, about 2500.  So I figured 
>>>> on putting together each with a shell script and then sending the file 
>>>> with a commandline email program.  I was looking for suggestions on what 
>>>> might be the best package to install for this.  I have seen a suggestion 
>>>> for a program called "mail", but I can't figure out what package to 
>>>> install to get it.  I looked at the list presented by Synaptic, but 
>>>> there's a boat load of programs related to email.
>>>> If anyone has done this sort of thing, I'd sure appreciate your suggestions.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Alex
>>>> -Ubuntu 9.10 on several computers since version 5.04
>>> Please, pardon me for replying to myself, but I found and installed 
>>> mailx.  Whats the best configuration for me to use?
>>> Alex
>> Please use apt-get install mailutils to be able use mail 
>> either on your own LAN or on the Internet.
>> 	The way you use mail is to in a terminal type mail.
>> 73 Karl
> "mailx" tends to be a bit more user-friendly than vanila "mail". When
> I've had to use a text-based mail system, "mailx" was the choice.
> There's a much fancier mail client that used to be called "pine" but has
> been discontinued but replaced by "alpine" :
> which you can install in Ubuntu by
> typing "sudo apt-get install alpine" and that will install all the
> dependencies.
> Apline is text-terminal oriented, but unlike "mailx", it actually uses a
> user interface (albeit in vt220 mode). So may be easier to use than
> mailx if you are not an expert.
> Gilles.
	I am not an expert. I recall an expert who was very busy 
around 1996 who used mail. He was in charge of the Internet at 
Stanford U. He could answer/read/delete with just a single 

	I used pine as my main email client for several years before 
Thunderbird came along. It worked fine.

	In mail I forget how to send a message I just typed. Do you 
recall what to use? I can't find it in man mail.

73 Karl


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