Switching a friend to Ubuntu

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 19:57:29 UTC 2010

2010/1/20 Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knugum at gmail.com>:
> 2010/1/20 Alain Muls <alain.muls at telenet.be>:
>> Hi All
>> I finally convinced a friend of mine to try out Linux.
>> He uses Windows but he is very unaware of what one can do with a
>> computer. He only uses OpenOffice, firefox and the Windows Vista mail
>> client. Sevreal problems pop up on his Windows such as updates which he
>> does not understand, a gradually slowing down, Virus scanner for which
>> he has to pay, etc. He also uses all his apps in full screen mode, it is
>> less distracting for him. Also I would describe him as a real Noob.
>> He is willing to try out Ubuntu on his Desktop. Now I wonder what would
>> be best for him: install Ubuntu or UNR?
>> Please any positive advice on what *buntu would be best for my friend?
> If you are going for Ubuntu, pick Ubuntu. Seems like Canonical doesn't
> give much shit about Kubuntu, so if you prefer KDE, go for Mandriva or
> OpenSuse.
> Well, that's my opinion anyway.

I do agree that Canonical does not polish Kubuntu as much as Ubuntu is
polished. OpenSuse is certainly the most polished KDE distro. Knowing
that, I still install Kubuntu for new Windows converts as I find that
more software (such as Anki and Zim) is available in Ubuntu format,
and the Ubuntu community is much more welcoming to "noobs". If all you
ever think you will need is on the CDROM, then by all means use
OpenSuse. But in my experience, the whole package of Kubuntu with the
community and the availability of software is worth the slightly less

Kubuntu 10.04 will address issues such as Firefox and Open Office
integration in KDE, by the way. And no, the 9.10 usage of KDE
dialogues in OOo was for the worse, not the better.

Dotan Cohen


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