Beginner Q3: Is there a way of permanently unlocking the keyring?

Carlos Filho carlosfilholde at
Mon Jan 18 22:07:39 UTC 2010

> I tried all recommended options.
> None worked.
> In a final "flight of inspiration" I used Synaptic to uninstall software
> that had "keyring" in  their names (4)
> gnome-keyring
> libgnome-keyring0
> libpam-gonome-keyring I.O-cil
> libpam.gnome keyring
> after that more of half the software that used to be there was gone
> and after rebooting the computer would not start any more

Looks like you ran into some sort of dependencies issue.

Uninstalling a piece of software just because you do not want it to behave
the way it is meant to behave may crash your system as a number of other
programs depend on that piece to work properly.

Whenever you try to uninstall a program, check first if other important
programs depend upon it. Synaptic alerts you about dependencies problems
each time you try to uninstall a package.

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