Beginner Q3: Is there a way of permanently unlocking the keyring?

sdavmor sdavmor at
Tue Jan 19 18:47:26 UTC 2010

Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
> Good evening
>> Right, I found it, in 9.10:
>> Applications/Accessories/Passwords and Encryption Keys
>> Right click on Passwords: Login. Select Change Password.
>> But is that my Ubuntu login password or the keyring password?  The
>> wording could be a little clearer.  I don't actually want to change
>> anything at the moment, I am just gathering information.
>> Colin
> This looked promising too, but again nothing has changed.
> I tried:
> System -> Settings -> encryption + keyring  ==> "remember once you have 
> logged in" = no good
> default key = "none, ask each time" -> there are no other options.
> remember "pass phrase" yes / no etc. => none of the settings produces 
> any changes.
> System -> Administration -> Login screen behavior  ==> set keyring PW 
> and Login PW to be the same = no effect
> Each time I login, I am asked to enter the password for something that 
> is called
> "ubuntuone-client-applet" -> does this information maybe help finding a 
> solution to my problem?
> I do not want to be rude or preaching anything like other OS are better 
> etc., but in my situation this being asked my PW
> EVERY time I login is at best annoying.
> I think I detailed this before: the PC I am using is EXCLUSIVELY for 
> experimenting with Linux, there is nothing else (except a few
> "test files" besides the freely available OS (Ubuntu) in there (every 
> thief is welcome to visit me!), I am definitely the only person using 
> this PC and it is not connected to other computers (only via modem to 
> the internet).
> So, it could explode and would not cause any serious problems (except 
> THAT would be an awful waste of money).
> That is why I don't need - don't want any password while I am 
> experimenting with Linux.
> Having to enter a variety of different passwords every three minutes is 
> definitely NOT fun.
> Is the only feasible way out of this really the necessity to reinstall 
> the entire system???
> Sounds rather awkward to me.

On 9.10 autologin can be had by doing this. Just add the following 
lines to /etc/gdm/custom.conf


I see no reason why that shouldn't also apply to 9.04. I can't recall 
how this applies to the issue of the keyring.  I vaguely remember such 
a problem on 8.10, *but* it was entirely something I had stepped on.
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