network hardware problem

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Tue Jan 12 15:00:10 UTC 2010

Rashkae wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> Tried switching out the cable but that didn't help.
>> Got on the phone with support (manufacturer support) and after walking 
>> through the usual tests they want to do, they concluded (partically) 
>> that its not the hardware because we can ping the loopback address.
> That's why I love support.. I just love those guys.. my day wouldn't be
> complete without this constant source of dribel.
> Anyhow, very simply, yeah, hardware problem.... either NIC, cable
> (though you tried switching) or a dead port in whatever device you are
> trying to connect the computer too.
>> Is there anything else I can do to check the hardware? Something that I 
>> can do to get something on the screen so I can email it to support?
>> (Note: the computer is about 400 miles from me so Im not have hands on.)
>> Wade
> I don't really know nearly enough about they layout you are trying to
> hook together.  Although, it seems to be my pa seems to be having all
> kinds of trouble of this type lately......

Motorla cable modem wired direct to computer.
My dad had a neighbor hook up his laptop and he had no problems.
So the port is good, the cable is good - I know its the hardware but
Im just trying to figure out a way to cover my bases so when I sent it 
in for support - I know Im right :D


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