network hardware problem

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue Jan 12 14:52:34 UTC 2010

Wade Smart wrote:

> Tried switching out the cable but that didn't help.
> Got on the phone with support (manufacturer support) and after walking 
> through the usual tests they want to do, they concluded (partically) 
> that its not the hardware because we can ping the loopback address.

That's why I love support.. I just love those guys.. my day wouldn't be
complete without this constant source of dribel.

Anyhow, very simply, yeah, hardware problem.... either NIC, cable
(though you tried switching) or a dead port in whatever device you are
trying to connect the computer too.

> Is there anything else I can do to check the hardware? Something that I 
> can do to get something on the screen so I can email it to support?
> (Note: the computer is about 400 miles from me so Im not have hands on.)
> Wade

I don't really know nearly enough about they layout you are trying to
hook together.  Although, it seems to be my pa seems to be having all
kinds of trouble of this type lately......

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