Question for Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10, from Ubuntu 9.04

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Jan 7 18:50:15 UTC 2010

Jay Mistry wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 10:34 PM, Goh Lip <g.lip at> wrote:
>> On 01/07/2010 09:01 PM, Jay Mistry wrote:
>>> I would like to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 that I am currently using
>>> with Windows XP, by using the Windows bootloader to boot into Ubuntu.
>>> For upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04, I would like to know about:
>>> - Is it ok to simply format the / (root) partition and leave /home as
>>> it is (since there are documents, pictures, etc in /home) and then
>>> install the new Ub 9.10 in the formatted / (root) partn. ?
>> Yes, it is okay to leave the /home, remember to set the /home partition
>> and  *don't format it*.
>>> - Will there be any problem with the new GRUB2 in booting from the
>>> Windows bootloader ? Presenty I am using the Windows bootloader to
>>> boot into Ub 9.04, with GRUB (old) located in the MBR of / (root)
>>> partition  - without any problem.
> Thanks for the reply. Since I have a lot of other apps that are
> working well in Ub 9.04 (Chromium, OpenOffice 3.1.1, Ubuntu Tweak,
> many others - these are working ok with Ub 9.04), will they work
> properly with Ub 9.10 ? Or will I need to update each additional
> application with the Ub 9.10 version by adding the sources manually,
> etc ?
>> Windows bootloader? Do you mean "EasyBCD"? There might be problems if
>> you want to use that with grub2 of 9.10. Best you use the 9.10 grub2 to
>> boot up, set to sda, which will also boot to windows. You will lose your
>> windows mbr, though.  Refer
> I meant the method mentioned at this post:
> It uses the Windows boot code to boot into Linux by making a copy of
> the MBR as a .bin file, details are as in the link above.
>> Regards,
>> Goh Lip
> Thanks,
> Jay
	Hi Jay consider this first; There will be a major LDS version 
of Ubuntu in April this year. So it might be smart to just 
enjoy your well set up 9.04 until then. As for all your things 
you have added on your current system might not survive a 
upgrade of the system.

	So enjoy it till April is my advice.

73 Karl


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	Linux User
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