Community Council, please take action!

Brian Clarkson brian at
Wed Jan 6 23:49:04 UTC 2010

This is a general response, and  addressed to no one in particular - just a
response to the theme of the thread.

I didn't know what the term "troll" meant, which was being referred to in
some of the emails on this and the other similar threads, so I looked it up
and found at the Indiana University website (,
the following comment:

"People post such messages (trolls) to get attention, to disrupt discussion,
and to make trouble. The best response to a troll is no response. If you
post a follow-up message, you are contributing to the resulting clamor and
most likely delighting the troller. "

The wisdom in this seemed to me to be the recommendation:

   "The best response to a troll is no response."

Could this sort of guidance be included in the CoC (perhaps in the "When you
disagree" section) ?

  and also complied with by the rest of us from henceforth - difficult and
all as that is to do?

I feel this could help.

    Brian Clarkson,
A very grateful Ubuntu user who is thankful
 for all the technical help so generously given on this list.

(My apologies to those I offend by placing this on more than one thread but
unfortunately the discussion is now proceeding on several fronts.)

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