Community Council, please take action!

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Wed Jan 6 16:00:22 UTC 2010


On 06/01/2010 16:51, Neil Aggarwal wrote:
> Alan:
>> It was discussed recently by the CC and we came to the conclusion that
>> we should look for interested people on this list to become moderators
>> who could help bring the list back to where it should be.. 
> Instead of moderating this list, I would prefer we have
> several member nominated to police the list.  If they find
> something that is not in the spirit of the list objective, they
> should notify the user (Either on or off the list) the discussion
> needs to stop.  If the user continues to post the irrelevant
> topics to the list, that user should be suspended or unsubscribed.
> That seems like a solution we already have.  We just need to
> give control over the subscription info to several trusted
> parties.

Well... moderating INCLUDES policy enforcing... so I imagine that will
be the case.


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