Community Council, please take action!

Neil Aggarwal neil at
Wed Jan 6 15:51:09 UTC 2010


> It was discussed recently by the CC and we came to the conclusion that
> we should look for interested people on this list to become moderators
> who could help bring the list back to where it should be.. 

Instead of moderating this list, I would prefer we have
several member nominated to police the list.  If they find
something that is not in the spirit of the list objective, they
should notify the user (Either on or off the list) the discussion
needs to stop.  If the user continues to post the irrelevant
topics to the list, that user should be suspended or unsubscribed.

That seems like a solution we already have.  We just need to
give control over the subscription info to several trusted

Thank you,

Neil Aggarwal, (281)846-8957,
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