Community Council, please take action!

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Wed Jan 6 10:14:41 UTC 2010

On Wed, 6 Jan 2010, Alan Pope wrote:

>> I will push this to the end because I hate power tripping bias net cop
>> favouritism, you apply all rules to everyone or you have no right to apply
>> any at all, THAT is my issue.
> In all fairness this isn't about you, this isn't your list. This is a
> common list for members of the Ubuntu community, and others to use for

well we agree on one thing.

> the purposes of getting support. It's not your personal soapbox to
> vent how unfair the world is. It's a service provided by the Ubuntu
> project - Canonical specifically - and we ask that people respect that
> service, and the other people using it.

Not unfair the world is at all, don't go putting words in my mouth, its all
about how unfair the list nazis here play selective enforcement of the CoC
and you damned well know that its about that.

> Should it be deemed necessary to contact individuals directly to
> request they self-moderate, or forcibly moderate or remove individuals
> then the CC will have no issue doing that in order to make this list a
> more pleasant and useful place.

Well bring it on, seeing as how you admit you intend to do nothing about 
the self appointed net cop breachers of the CoC, everytime one of those 
fools breaches I will make it my aim to remind them, if the people 
officially responsible here will not.

> It would be much more productive if this thread ended now, and we get
> back to providing respectful support to users.

you make absolutely NO comments on regards to the general breaches of 
your CoC.

So I think we know exactly where this is going, a show that the community 
council is biased, incompetent, and incapable of ensuring an even playing
field for everyone and anyone, it appears by your statement the CC 
condones the selective enforcement of the CoC,  how very hypocritical,
but thank you alan at least now I know the sort of idiots that are
responsible for this place, and this should be a warning to ANYONE who
considers making a post here, of course unless they are part of the incrowd
net-cop list nazi squad where they are permitted to berate top posters but
yet may themselves breach the CoC without fear of reprisal. I will also 
make it aim to ensure those considering singing up here are well aware of 
the facts, the entire emails between the CC and  myself will be made 
available to the public so they may judge for themselves.

I'm now glad we have this out in the open for all to see what a 
hypocritical joke this place is.

Now the truth about you has been established, feel free to remove me 
anytime you wish.


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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