Community Council, please take action!

Alan Pope alan at
Wed Jan 6 09:30:37 UTC 2010

2010/1/6 Res <res at>:
> Still waiting for this community council to accept my offer, I wonder
> why in almost 48 hours they have not, is it because thet have no
> intentions of being unbias and applying the rules to everyone, but only a
> select few, makes you think, and I will keep to my word so long as they do
> and apply it evenly.

We (the CC) are under no obligation to accept or comply with any
'offer' you may have made.

The bare fact of the matter is that over the last few days the CC has
received multiple complaints about the behaviour of specific
individuals on this list. We don't get that very often, and certainly
not from multiple sources about the same individuals. If this was the
forums or IRC those individuals probably have been
warned/kicked/banned by now. The fact that you haven't isn't because
the tools aren't in place to do it, or because nobody wants to do it,
it's simply because we've not been placed in this position before.

> I will push this to the end because I hate power tripping bias net cop
> favouritism, you apply all rules to everyone or you have no right to apply
> any at all, THAT is my issue.

In all fairness this isn't about you, this isn't your list. This is a
common list for members of the Ubuntu community, and others to use for
the purposes of getting support. It's not your personal soapbox to
vent how unfair the world is. It's a service provided by the Ubuntu
project - Canonical specifically - and we ask that people respect that
service, and the other people using it.

Should it be deemed necessary to contact individuals directly to
request they self-moderate, or forcibly moderate or remove individuals
then the CC will have no issue doing that in order to make this list a
more pleasant and useful place.

It would be much more productive if this thread ended now, and we get
back to providing respectful support to users.


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