DNS / Webserver in a project environment

Reineke Fuchs malepatus at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 23 14:36:38 UTC 2010

Hello Ubuntuusers,

I'd like to set up a Webserver (Apache) within a DNS-Server.

I'd like to create my own namespace (just for this small subnet) and give
around 10 people webspace.

It's possible, that I haven't understood DNS, but how can send a DNS-Query
into a sub-directory?


user1.test.com  ==> /var/www/user1/index.html
user2.test.com  ==> /var/www/user2/index.html
user10.test.com  ==> /var/www/user10/index.html

My status now:

test.com ==> ==> /var/www/index.html ==> It works.

How do I link DNS to a directory and not to an IP?

Best greetings

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