Bad boot?

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> On Sunday 21 Feb 2010 07:52:47 magick.crow at wrote:
>> Bad boot?
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>> my computer was booting and it started one of those once every 30
>> boot HD   checks. It says you can press escape so my wife did.
>> Will this do damage? How can I start it again? Do I need to do
>> that? Where are the records of what is was trying to check? Any
>> other things I should know about this? Thanks!
>> Douglas
> Hey Douglas,
> Stop worrying.
> There is no problem. Ubuntu did not design a system that does
> important checks and allows you to abandon them in the middle leaving
> you with a mess... so the story goes anyway! ;)
> It is a standard procedure to keep your system healthy and working.
> AFAIK it is triggered by one of the values for a drive entry in the
> /etc/fstab file. Have a look. If you don't do it this time, it will be
> picked up again, but I am not sure if it is in another 30 mounts or
> next attempted mount. But I do know it is nothing to be concerned
> about. However, if you feel like playing with this you can tell your
> wife she has destroyed your system... ;)
> nepal.
Thanks all!

Sometimes I think that these checks should be put into the start up
time counts. Yes, Linux can boot in under 20 minutes. :-)

Douglas E Knapp

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