Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at
Sat Feb 20 20:35:15 UTC 2010

On 20 February 2010 at 15:32, Nils Kassube 
Enlightened me with this:-Re: InstallProblems

>I don't think that IDE disks are anything special but I don't have a machine with
>internal IDE disks left, so I can't check it. Anyway, when I tried to install to the
>external disk with a machine with an internal SATA disk, I had the option to select the
>disk where the install should go, at least if I select to use an entire disk. But that

But not if you want to use the "largest free space" on another drive 

>wasn't really obvious when I saw it. I selected manual partitioning to make sure I knew
>which disks and partitions would be used. However I agree that it isn't necessarily an
>option if you aren't familiar with partitioning. 

Partitioning not the prob, but knowing what Ubuntu will require and how much, I 
did try a manual partition but that did'nt work either

>Well, there is an option to select the location near the checkbox to choose if you want
>to install a boot loader. If you use the pendrive installer, the external disk is
>preselected. With the original CD hd0 was preselected, which might be the external
>disk, depending on your BIOS. 

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