Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Feb 20 14:32:13 UTC 2010

Grizzly wrote:
> On 19 February 2010 at 18:47, Nils Kassube
> Enlightened me with this:-Re: InstallProblems
> >Grizzly wrote:
> >> Ran the install again (6 times so far) every time it just stops at
> >> a random point (80%, 97%, 100% ??)
> >
> >That's a bit unusual - I would assume there might be a hardware
> > problem of some kind if the install doesn't stop at the same point
> > each time. And what do you mean with "it just stops"? Is there some
> > error message? Does the machine hang completely?
> The % count stays the same for hours, progress bar is no longer
>  animated, the mouse freezes, CTRL-ALT-DEL  does not work, so I'd say
>  it hangs

Agreed, that looks like it hangs completely. Out of curiosity I have 
also tried to install Ubuntu 9.10 (i386) to an external USB disk with 
the procedure you described. It didn't work with the pendrive version 
_and_ it didn't work with the original CD. With the pendrive attempt it 
was similar to your freeze where Ctrl-Alt-Del didn't work, although on 
my machine the mouse was still working. With the original CD I suddenly 
had a login screen and the install was still unfinished. I have no idea 
at how many % the problems occured because I didn't constantly watch the 
machine. Actually I'm not inclined to do more tests and find out where 
the problem is - it just takes too much time.

> >> Having had a few probs with installs going to the wrong place or
> >> been forced to duel boot (or not I been able to choose my USB HD
> >> partion) I turned OFF both IDE controlers in BIOS to protect my O
> >> so fragile WinXp and ran the "install to harddisk" option from the
> >> Flash drive choosing tto install to largest contig free space on
> >> the main USB disk, install failed at the create Ext4 partion and
> >> exited
> >
> >I'm not sure what you want to tell us about being forced to dual
> > boot. If you install Ubuntu, you can choose where to install the
> > boot loader. If you choose the MBR of your
> I may have misjudged but I don't think so, from my various trys to
>  install IF an IDE drive was present no mater what I did I could not
>  install to an empty (uallocated) partition on any drive (fixed or
>  USB) I could only let the insatller put Ubuntu beside (in already
>  used disk space) or on an empty partition on the same disk as Windoz
>  C:\ unless I manually set partitions (and that is a step to far for
>  a first HD install in 15 years)

I don't think that IDE disks are anything special but I don't have a 
machine with internal IDE disks left, so I can't check it. Anyway, when 
I tried to install to the external disk with a machine with an internal 
SATA disk, I had the option to select the disk where the install should 
go, at least if I select to use an entire disk. But that wasn't really 
obvious when I saw it. I selected manual partitioning to make sure I 
knew which disks and partitions would be used. However I agree that it 
isn't necessarily an option if you aren't familiar with partitioning.

> >harddisk (that's the default) you get a dual boot setup. But you can
> > choose to install grub in the Ubuntu partition. Then your XP should
> > stay untouched and you would have to boot Ubuntu e.g. from the
> > Windows boot loader.
> Is that not by def a duel boot "rely on one OS to boot another OS" I
>  was/am happy to decide what I want to boot from BIOS (or BIOS menu)

Granted, that would be a dual boot setup. But whenever you have two 
operation systems on the same machine I would call it a dual boot setup, 
even if you select the boot disk / operating system with the BIOS boot 

> >You can choose the grub location with the "advanced" (?) button at
> > the last page of the setup pages just before you start the install
> > process.
> IIRC I could choose "IF" there was a bootloader not sure if where was
>  an option

Well, there is an option to select the location near the checkbox to 
choose if you want to install a boot loader. If you use the pendrive 
installer, the external disk is preselected. With the original CD hd0 
was preselected, which might be the external disk, depending on your 

Anyway, I think there is a problem with the installer from the Ubuntu 
9.10 live CD if you want to install to an external USB disk. I know it 
worked with an older version, but I don't remember which one it was.


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