"dpkg was interrupted" - how to fix it

steve reilly sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Feb 16 04:33:39 UTC 2010

J wrote:

> Nonsense.  Well, I can't guarantee this isnt annoying someone, but
> this is the internet.  And this is, as far as I am concerned, EXACTLY
> what this list exists for.  I'm just hoping that someone more in tune
> with dpkg and apt-get will jump in here and offer some advice, because
> I'm not as well versed in dpkg issues as I am in RPM (another type of
> packaging, used by other Linux distributions like Red Hat and SuSE).
> In any case, regardless of whether anyone gets annoyed and whines,
> keep asking and keep trying and keep learning.  You're doing well so
> far, and we all have to start somewhere :-)
> Cheers,
> Jeff

your correct, this is exactly the problem this list exists for, and you 
gave perfect instructions.  if i can just add one thing for thomas, copy 
and paste the command from this email or previous emails
sudo dpkg --configure -a
like jeff said, but dont type it yourself, you may be adding in spaces 
or deleting spaces where you need... or dont need them....

this command will essentially finish what was previously interrupted.... 
installing updates.


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